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    Verizon FiOS, Unable to Download VirusScan, Error 12002

      Using Win XP Pro, IE7 and Mozilla (same issue with both), and have tried everything I can think of. I have no issues downloading large files from other sites.

      I am able to download and execute DMSetup.exe. I can download and install the firewall and McAfee Security Center just fine. I have tried a standard install, and also custom just selecting the VirusScan program.

      I get to between 3-5Meg of the download of the (51Meg), then the Verizon modem hangs. I have to do a hard reset on the modem. All other internet access is lost when the modem hangs.

      I have tried technical support via the chat three times. As a result, I have deleted all temp files, reset IE7, tried to download in safe mode with networking, all to no avail.

      I have checked to make sure I have no accelerator programs running.

      I also called technical support, but was left on hold for 52 min when transfered from customer support to technical support.

      I would assume there is a setting on the Verizon FiOS modem that needs to be changed to get the download through, but I have no idea.

      Anyone have an idea for me to try?