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    i'm starting to question mcafee efficency

      today i'v scaned a file with mcafee total protection 2009 and mcafee found nothing but it was it was frmwrk32.exe virus spyware what ever and not long ago i had similer problem with beagle so i'm not quite sure what to do now stay with mcafee or move to nod32 or something eles so please try to do something about all this problems and thanks in advance.
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          You can't expect McAfee to detect everything !
          McAfee isn't very good at detecting spyware/ spyware trojans (what the heck is the difference between a virus trojan and a spyware trojan ! ), so you won't catch everything.
          You won't find a single antivirus application that detects ALL malware (viruses, trojans, malicious scripts, keyloggers, backdoors, ransomware etc.).

          There are many applications and tools that will (to a certain extent) protect you against malware. Which one is best depends mostly on the individual user. It's up to you to make a choice, pick what's best for you.

          I use McAfee Virusscan Plus and an older version of the Spy Sweeper (which I no longer recommend).

          Btw, I've read that NOD32 isn't good at dealing with spyware, but I'm not sure.

          Maybe you won't like this statement, but in general the greatest vulnerablity is the user of a computer.
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            i'v checked it out with a friend and nod32 did detected this spyware and beside if mcafee had a better heuristic engine if he even have one he should at least detect that there is something bad i prefer a guess then nothing any day and mcafee doesn't even do that and beside i'm tierd of hearing excuses because i don't recall mcafee ever blocked anything till now not beagle not this minor spyware and i really don't want to think what he would do with a serious virus the one that destroy all files on hard drives and etc and i'm not the only one thinking like this unfortunally so please try to do something about it and that all i have to say.
            • 3. I concur - I am also concerned
              I have used McAfee protection without a single problem, until recently.

              On Friday my PC was attacked with Antivirus 2009. It took me hours to get rid of the vile thing. It disabled McAfee and Windows Update. It interfered with IE so that I could not get to the the McAfee site, google "Antivirus 2009", or go to the malwarebytes site which seems to be the only feeware product able to remove it. I had to download the malwarebytes packet on a Mac and transfer via a disk to finally uproot the virus.

              Then today (Monday, 22 Dec) we were attacked again by popupsystem.com. While not quite as serious, I had to use malwarebytes again to remove.

              These are both variations of prunnet.com. Why didn't McAfee protect my desktop from these invaders? Isn't that what Virus Scan Plus is supposed to do?
              • 4. win32/renos.dz virus
                Mcafee was unable to detect win32/renos.dz virus that infected my computer a few days ago. Signed up for the $89 remote fix from Mcafee but it was a joke. My internet connection is disabled by this virus and they told me to call my internet service provider and call them back. I have no way to download a fix on the computer. Now what?
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                  mcafee has become a joke in the new virus/spwares/trojans world and it ashame that sooner or later i would have to stop using it and never come back and that is what i'm thinking about right now but i'm still not sure so will see what i do about it sooner or later
                  unless another spyware would damage my computer and then it would be the end i guess.:)
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                    Hello. First, never sign up for an online fix for any amount of money (IMO). The best thing to do with an infection IMO is actually by using a disk clone program -- you clone the disk/partition just after the XP/Vista install and your driver have been loaded so the file sizes are minimal so you can just go back to a true state on the PC where there was no infection, and you can also add in increments as you go along still not infected (verified with full resident AV scans and alternate online scans at a few sites). I use Acronis True Image 11 and Paragon for imaging

                    McAffe has had middling detection rates as of late by the 'real' antivirus reviews (not the paid or magazine ones) - EG it's ok not top, certainly not bottom. Seems to fail at getting DAT's early for some of the new ITW the bad stuff but eventually gets them.

                    If you want to get rid of what you currently have your likely going to have to get to a better/more specific security forum (like geekstogo or bleepingcomputer) and post a hijack this log (HJT) - you may need a winsock fix (google it) and some script removal. MalwareBytes anti-malware can do some of that. SuperAntiSpyware can also do some of that. Of course you can just try to back up data and reformat too. Avast has better real time protection over McAfee IMO so you may want to consider that AV for surfing. Of course using a non admin account is also a good thing to do as well as using something other than IE (like firefox with noscript).

                    I'm using McAfee now too but I also pretty much know what i'm doing and fix/work with/test AV apps out regularly on a honeypot-testing machines. No AV is perfect, The users/OS config-nonadmin/NAT gateway with passwords is just as important.
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                      thanks for the helpfull information Borelli. I will try some of your suggestions
                      • 8. Use another computer when internet is disabled
                        Ken, when the virus disabled my internet access on the infected PC I used another desktop to get the antidote software. I then burned the fix program to a disk and transferred. If you don't have another computer in the house maybe a friend or neighbor can help.

                        If McAfee recommended a virus removal program you can download that. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware helped my situation.

                        One more hint - my virus wouldn't let me execute Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from the desktop. I got around this by copying and renamimg the *.exe file. Then it ran.

                        Best of luck.
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                          just so you know i have decided to go back to eset smart security for the time being hopefully one day i would hear that mcafee has gone major improvments but for the time being eset smart security can be better for me then mcafee but who knows about the future.:)