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    Problem downloading from mcafee

      Last week, when trying for definition update the virusscan program (3-User McAfee VirusScan Plus) said to me that something was wrong and that reinstalation of the sw was needed.

      I went to my account on mcafee web site and tried download. Everytime I try I get a file dmsetup.exe with zero bytes. Tried with internet explorer 7 and firefox 3. Today I noticed that all files (for example mscprxfix.exe) I try to download from mcafee are zero bytes sized.

      And this is also happenning in the other 2 pc where the sw is installed.

      Can you help? Thank you and please excuse my poor english.

      Rogrio Tojeiro

      Update: I think I found the problem. Some sort of virus was redirecting the link to mcafee website to something different