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    Unwanted Virus Scan Behavior

      I started having this problem about a week ago ... every night when I start doing some work on my computer, it locks up completely for quite a long period (at least 15 minutes or so) and I finally found the common denominator. In the lower right system tray in Windows XP, I see an animated circle with arrows at each end, rotating around and around (red on a gray background, like the McAfee "M" icon), and when I hover over it, I get a popup message that reads "Installing McAfee Virus Scan: Started." The whole time while this is happening, my machine is totally locked up and I can't do anything; as soon as the little animation stops, everything works again. This never happened before, so why is it happening now? And, more importantly, how can I get it to stop? I have VirusScan 13.0, SecurityCenter 9.0 and Personal Firewall 10.0. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.