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        I think I can put this down to server glitches...BigJ are you OK now?
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          It might be the answer on this occasion, but several times in the past in the past my DAT file never updated at all, to the point where MSC showed a warning. Running MVT that said it did update my DAT file, but the file number did not change, so I had to chat with the McAfee helpline. They said I had to remove Spybot/SuperAntispyware/AdAware and sent me some file to install, but VSC+ only worked correctly for about a week, and then it all happened again. I have lost count of the number of times that I have gone through the chore of uninstalling McAfee, running the clean up tool etc, and then downloading it again. On my laptop I use ESet Security, and that runs perfectly with the above named Antispyware utilities, if this malarkey continues I am beginning to think that I should remove McAfee for good after more years than I can remember, and put ESet on this PC. What do you guys have on your puters that co-exists happily with McAfee VSC+ then??
          VirusScan + 2009
          Vista Home Premium SP1
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            I use SuperAntispyware and Adaware 2008 but not with any resident protection turned on and certainly not any Pro or paid versions...they will clash with McAfee.
            Similarly I have used Spybot S/D in the past but learned never to use its Teatimer function, as it too caused problems.
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              Vinod R
              I used to have Spybot and McAfee earlier but now

              i use McAfee 2009 Total Protection and then Malwarebytes Antimalware but i seldom use it unless i need to test something or to run a secondary scan.since it has no resident protection in the free version it does not cause conflicts.
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                Thank you both, I now know that it is the 'resident' function that has probably caused all my troubles. I have now put Malwarebytes on my McAfee covered PC to use in a time of -er- crisis.
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