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    OnDemand scan errors when scanning large ".rar" files

      After upgrading to 2009 3-PC Internet Security, two PCs no longer can scan large ".rar" files (large = 20 to 300 MB) that are five folders deep in directory:

      C:\My Documents\Folder2\Folder3\Folder4\Folder5\FIlename.rar

      Error is that VS could not get scan progress.

      Virtual Technician finds no problems. Internet chat was worthless; no solution.

      Cannot be me when it's happening on two PCs, both of which were upgraded at same time.

      I can right-click the files and scan them; no problem. Just cannot run automatic or custom scan of PC.

      Only solution is to not scan compressed files or to delete the files from the PCs.

      McAfee -- this is a big problem. I did not have this problem with 2008 version.

      Running Windows XP SP2 Professional on both PCs. Both have had this problem since I upgraded. Cannot complete an automatic scan at all.

      What is the fix? Why cannot we not stay with software versions that were working just fine instead of being forced to upgrade to one that no longer works?
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          The error has started to become intermittent. One automatic (or manual) scan will run without an error; the next one will fail. Then it will fail again, perhaps many times in a row, then will run without an error again.

          The specific error with Windows that causes the crash is a "memory access violation". Apparently, VS is trying to read an invalid memory location.

          Still no fix, and still no suggested solutions?
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            Ken I think that this is known to Technical Support so you might want to contact them. It's the weekend and I doubt any technicians will be looking in here. Especially with Hallowe'en celebrations, etc.

            Link at top left of page or in my signature.
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              Thanks for the reply. I did "speak" (internet chat) with Technical Support last week when this problem first occurred. That "chat" resulted only in a suggestion that I run a virus scan via DOS on my computer -- which is meant for running scans when something might be blocking the operation of VS, right?

              So, I'm reluctant to spend a few hours "chatting" again with Technical Support, nor do I wish to pay money for a phone call to them because the problem is McAfee's, not mine.

              Do you think Technical Support has learned of this issue since I "chatted" with the tech last week?
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                Well I did try searching the forums for an answer, probably missed a few, but I didn't find anything relevant except that when VirusScan gets to a compressed (rar, zip etc) it unpacks it. If that compressed file contains other compressed files then the process can take ages and it appears to all intents and purposes that VirusScan has stalled.

                You could try disabling automatic scanning and using selection for a manual scan of omitting archived files. The trouble there is you'd be missing spots where viruses can hide.

                I would try Technical Support Chat again. At least you can escalate the case through them. You may get someone else who can think of other solutions, who knows?
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                  We cannot make sure that the problem is with McAfee. When scanning huge rar files that too kept inside deep rooted folders, you may experience the problem.
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                    The reason I say the problem is McAfee's is this:

                    I ran the previous version of Internet Security and VirusScan for over one year on these computers, with the exact same .rar files in the exact same folders. I NEVER had this crashing problem until I upgraded to 2009 Internet Security.

                    Is the suggestion that Windows somehow is now causing this problem? I highly doubt it. The onset of crashing coincided exactly with when I upgraded. I successfully scanned automatically both computers on October 14. I upgraded on October 18. Immediately, the automatic scan began crashing when it ran.
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                      Place that file in Directly into your My douments folder but not inside a folder in My documents. Try scanning then.
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                        I put the two files that are erroring in "C:\My Documents\My Folder\" folder and allowed the automatic scan to run. No errors resulted; no crashing resulted.

                        Because the error/crash has been intermittent, I would want to see it work at least two or three times more before I'd conclude that moving the files higher in the directory is avoiding the crash. But, as I noted in my original post, the error is related to large .rar files in a fifth level folder. So I won't be surprised if this move would avoid crashes.

                        This, however, in no way negates the problem that 2009 Internet Security is causing. I should not have to move files all over my PC just to allow VS to work. I didn't have to do it with the previous version, and I should not have to do it with the new version.
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                          This thread is interesting. I'm going to bring this point up at our conference call on Monday.
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