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    Blank Screen

      Today when I turned my computer on it had a Red check mark on the (M) symbol in my tray. I reloaded Virus Scan and when I attemped to go into my settings all I get is a Blank Screen. I have tried everything I can think of but screen is still blank. I have been a McAfee user for many years and this is the first time when I right click on red M in task bar and try to load Security Center all that loads is a empty box. I need help

      IE Version 8.0
      SP 3.0

      XP home
        • 1. IE8 not yet compatible with mcafee
          uninstall that since it is not yet compatible with mcafee..

          you can uninstall IE8 using the following procedure:

          For Windows XP Users:

          Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.
          Select Add or Remove Programs.
          Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available applications.
          Click the Remove button.
          Restart your system.

          For Windows Vista Users:

          Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.
          Select Programs (Programs and Features if you’re using the Classic View).
          Select View installed updates (it will be under the Tasks column if you’re using the Classic View).
          Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available updates.
          Click the Uninstall button at the top of the list.
          Restart your system.
          • 2. RE: IE8 not yet compatible with mcafee
            Vinod R
            POst back if you got issue on removing IE-8 there are Vista and XP specific steps that are a bit more advanced.

            Try what Dennis suggested if it does not work let me know:)

            If you installed service pack after installing IE-8 you may have to roll back service pack..
            • 3. IE8 removed...
              am back to IE6. I uninstalled McAfee Internet Security Suite first, then I removed IE8. I am trying to reinstall McAfee now and it is asking me to remove Zone Alarm. It was working well with Zone before I installed IE8 beta2. Can someone offer any guidance as I must have Zone!

              Thank you

              • 4. RE: IE8 removed...
                Uninstall Zonealarm. Never use more than 1 firewall or anti-virus together as they will cause problems.

                If for whatever reason you've decided not to use part of McAfee in favour of ZoneAlarm then you should selectively install McAfee using the Customize option, then install ZoneAlarm afterwards, assuming that it's just the firewall we are talking about here.

                You should update to IE7 asap as it is safer and more secure than IE6.
                • 5. RE: IE8 removed...
                  It seems that for many the work it takes to remove parts of Microsoft's programs and to get the system back to the point to which McAfee will properly install and work; might be too daunting a task.

                  I too found myself into this predicament and even with my training and experience, I was unable to get one of my computers back to the point that McAfee Total Protection would install.

                  The main problem was in that Ordinal 13 in iertutil.dll was not able to be found on the system even after it was rolled back. In as much as this particular dll is a critical part of the operating system, it cannot just be replaced by the casual user.

                  I did not wish to get into the main source code of Windows, and therefore just gave my newly purchased copy to someone I knew needed it and in his case the installation went as expected.

                  It is not for me to tell McAfee what they should or should not do, but this problem, from my reading of the various postings, is not a new one, and should be addressed sooner rather than later.
                  • 6. RE: IE8 removed...
                    The problem was a beta version of IE & not reading the fine print when installing it. Nothing is guaranteed with beta-anything, everyone knows that. Also none of the "suite" variety of protection softwares such as McAfee or Norton work well when 3rd party software is run alongside it, in this case Zonealarm.
                    • 7. RE: IE8 removed...


                      IE Version 8.0
                      SP 3.0

                      XP home

                      Also I suspect you uninstalled IE-8 Beta 2 with XP sp3 installed in the computer, which will result in incomplete uninstallation of IE-8. SO that should be the reason why you are dll errors.
                      • 8. RE: IE8 removed...
                        There is no doubt what so ever, that in reflection, that the main problem is in the secretive attitude of Microsoft. A little more openness on their part when a mass beta is released would head off a lot of problems for companies whose various products may not work properly with the new release.

                        At one time, there was an all too true "joke" that said DOS AIN'T DONE TIL LOTUS WON'T RUN! This seems to still be the way that too many things are released.

                        I really should not dump on McAfee, but really, some companies are a bit faster on getting their products to work with the latest and greatest from the boys in Redmond than they are.

                        I, personally, over the years, have had more than one tech, on the phone tell me I had to reformat my hard drive and start over again to get the product to run, and then reinstall my other programs.

                        Alas, it is too bad that the "suite" is now becoming the norm in security programs. I have felt that the user was the one whom, if they wished, should be the final decider as to what products; and in what combination could/should be installed on their own machine.
                        • 9. RE: IE8 removed...

                          Actually, I uninstalled IE8 Beta 2, and then used a 3rd party uninstaller to remove the remnants of IE8 Beta 1. Then I removed SP3 from the computer. Finally I ran a commercial registry cleaner, and then one that I wrote myself to assure that the system was clean and returned to SP2.

                          A reinstall of SP2 OEM was then done to look for errors that an older version was being installed. None showed up.

                          At that point the same ordinal 13 missing error persisted.

                          It seems that Microsoft has found a way of assuring that once you go down their merry path, there is no turning back. Some battles for this old warrior are just not worth fighting anymore.
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