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    Annoyance: Manual Scan brings up SC window

      Hi folks,

      I guess the following is something of an annoyance more than anything else, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

      When instigating a manual scan (right click file or folder, hit Scan), the results pop-up comes up as per VS+2008, but now with VS+2009, the main SC window also comes up to give exactly the same results in the VS/SC main window as those reported by the pop-up window.

      It's a bit annoying when you want to scan a few files regularly, and now instead of having to close just the pop-up window, you've got the SC window to close as well. More often than not, the SC window is still loading after you've closed the pop-up results window, so it kinda slows things down overall.

      A bit annoying...!

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