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    Renewing VS+2008(2009) subscription

      Hallo there, resident furball here...

      A year ago, I bought a boxed version of McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008, which has recently been auto-upgraded to VS+2009 (3-user licence).

      I'm due to renew my subscription at the end of November 2008, and pottered onto the McAfee site to see how much this would cost me.

      Shock-horror - the cost of *renewing* a product is identical to buying it off the shelf again! Surely not?! I've been with McAfee since v2, and it's always costed me around £10 to renew VirusScan for another year. Is there something seriously fishy here, or is the pricing for *renewal* of an existing licence really £45?

      VS+ is also the same price as the full Internet Security Suite (which I don't need), so there's something odd here.

      Can anyone clear this up for us? Admittedly, my previous versions were 1-user boxes, but surely we existing users shouldn't be paying the same amount as new users?

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          Anyone with any opinions on this?

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            There is no DAT renewal any more, just the full shebang.

            According to what I see on the UK website 3 PC licenses are £45.99 for VirusScan Plus, £49.99 for Internet Security Suite and £59.99 for Total Protection with VirusScan Plus also offering 1 PC coverage and even a monthly subscription, although why anyone would want that is beyond me.

            I agree there isn't much difference between the first two anyway.

            Maybe shop around...check out Amazon.uk etc?
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              What I was after was just to renew the 3 licences without having to reinstall. I'd usually do this by heading into my account on the McAfee site, and then hitting renew, purchasing the renewal, and then see the product expiration date update on my account.

              I assume this is what would happen if I just bought it online. I guess if I found it cheaper elsewhere, I'd have to reinstall. I'm after the simple solution here!

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                Renewing online is the simplest always and the expiry date will change on the due date I believe.
                My account works differently so not sure, and we don't handle sales stuff here anyway.
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                  McAfee now has an auto-renewal policy. I'm not sure since when.

                  It's probably cheaper to cancel the auto-renewal (may take some effort), and look for a cheaper deal.

                  Then you may find some discounts, you may even see ads for McAfee products at a discount wink
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                    Exactly the same issue here. I purchased a retail version of VirusScan and am coming to the end of my 1 year support. I would like to renew my subscription for another year but am being asked by McAfee to pay £39.99. I could purchase a retail VS2009 for £17.98 from Amazon, but would then have all the hassle of uninstalling/reinstalling.

                    I have contacted McAfee customer support to ask them why a plain subscription renewal is comparatively so expensive. Their answer was "Like all products, retailers may choose to apply McAfee standard prices but are also free to set their own pricing policy. In addition, McAfee does not compete with its partners and therefore will respect the recommended retail price......."
                    Rather interestingly McAfee is currently offering VS2009 with a 50% online installation discount (that's £19.99) is that not competitive?

                    I have also been a VS user since version 2 or 3, and I feel that McAfee has made a once simple process into something much more complicated, expensive and stressful. What's happened to rewarding customer loyalty?
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                      If its uninstalling and reinstalling is stopping you from buying a CD(2009), I'd say you can go for an online purchase ( not renewal). Added feature of 2009 version, McAfee installation window itself uninstall the current version and will install the new one.
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                        goldie99 I tend to agree with you, but as with all large corporations....it's difficult to change their mindset.

                        We give a lot of feedback to them which they largely ignore unfortunately.
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                          Peter is correct. But Peter don't you think that Downloadmanager 3.0 what I said is possible.
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