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      Does ISS 2009 have Artemis? :confused:
        • 1. hi
          Vinod R
          Its a good question..

          But I guess its only available to the Enterprise version for now.. but you can expect it to be used in the Home user products soon..

          I understand your query....... It was there for Total protection in Beta... But as of now no confirmation or sign when it will be used on the retail 2009 products..
          When its Launched it will work for all the Virusscan components and not just a Suite like Total Protection.. (I guess its like that...)

          Hope I answered your queries......

          all we can do is wait.. I am still on Beta so can't verify if its there on the retail one... I guess we will wait.:)
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            No. Only the Enterprise products have it (a.k.a. engine 5300). Next year perhaps.
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              Does this [extra protection] slow down user computers? It also analyzes and monitors all of the networking traffics with other programs. Right? :confused:
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                Vinod R

                It must not slow down connection appreciably..

                the idea here is to compare unknown possible detection with a huge database of online white and black list..