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    new network connection message

      The new network connection notification will not stop!! It comes up EVERY time I boot my computers! I want it to quit changing my network settings. I have my network settings the way I NEED them to be and Mcafee will not leave them alone.

      On my home network some IP's are set to trusted, some are set to standard and the rest are set to public. This is how I want it to be and it works! However, every time I reboot Mcafee pops up a message telling me that I am connected to a new network and gives me the choice of setting the ENTIRE network to one of the 3 options. This is becoming very tiresome having to select one then go in and delete the entry. Until Mcafee decides to add a 4th option [leave settings as-is], would someone please tell me if there is a workaround to shut this message up and STOP it from changing my settings?

      Thanks much
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          Please let me know.
          What is the version of OS (Operating system) you use?
          How do you connect to the network (cable or wireless)?
          Please let know the version of McAfee program installed in the computer (Open the McAfee security center-> click on about in the left had bottom of the security center panel)?