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    File groups - create install package problem - autodomain

      New to autodomain, I managed to create a new file group with the appropriate files under System and Policies. How do i get it to show up under the machine group? It is not showing up as a selectable option, neither is file and folder encryption which I would like to add to the install package. Thanks in advance.
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          You can't deploy eeff using the eepc update system. You can try but it will fail and we won't support you. Re autod, open the group properties and make sure client is ticked.
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            So what is the best way to deploy EEFF, and deploy the autod configuration files?

            How many installs are needed on the actual PC itself? If it's not installed on the PC where is it installed?

            Under PC groups if I look under files, the new client file group I created that contains the autodomain files does not show up as a checkable option, just like EEFF.

            I know this must be something simple I'm not doing right... if you could help point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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              you can include autod in the initial eepc install package - how you deploy eeff is up to you though - I would use the same method you are using to deploy eepc, or use EPO.

              As to how to get a file group to show up in the machine files list, it's as I previously set - set the file group properties to include "client files".

              Autodomain really doesn't serve any purpose for EEFF on its own, only for EEPC.

              I hate to say this again - don't try to add an EEFF file group to an EEPC machine, it will break, and you will be on your own if we find out wink
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                Sorry, my knowledge on this is limited oviously, i've only been working with this for a few days.

                Maybe if I clarify what I am trying to do, you might be able to help.

                1.) I want to create an EEPC package, that encrypts the drive, I have done this so far successfully.

                2.) I now want to integrate autodomain into the EEPC package install for the main reason of getting current administrators imported to be able to log on to the maching via Endpoint encryption. In System, under "Endpoint Encryption File Groups" I have created a new group called "Client Files" that has 6 files in it, it shows up alongside all of the EEFF31, EEPC51 etc groups. There is also a EEPC51: Endpoint Encryption 5.1.9 Client files groups, as well as a EEFF31: Endpoint Encryption for files and folders. I can right click on any of these and go to properties and then click on content and I get the option of checking admin system files, client files, language files, EEFF etc. Are you saying to change the property of the custom "Client files" group I created to have "Client files" selected? This still will now show up as a group under devices if you go into files.

                I think this is getting kind of confusing, per the autodomain instruction, i created a new group for the files but i named it "Client file" which most likely didn't help. So if I associate that new group with the Client files content group, it will then automatically be a part of the EEPC51: Endpoint Encryption 5.1.9 Client files? I associated it, and after updating the file count does not change from 57 files?

                3.) EEFF, well I don't want to deploy this in an unsupported manner. My goal here is to give the EEPC users the ability to right click on a file and have then encrypt or decrypt things such as folders, files they may send etc. What is the "recommended" way to deploy this? Just create a separate installation set, and on each PC install the EEPC installation set then the EEFF installation set?

                Thank you, appreciate your time.
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                  1. set the properties to "client files", set the name to something logical.

                  no, it won't be part of the existing group - all the groups are separate. You will though be able to include it on a client when you set the file groups in the machine group prior to creating the install set.

                  3. Yes, just create a separate install set and deploy it with EPO or whatever.

                  You might want to think about getting some services people in to help you with your deployment planning rather than trying to work it out on your own?
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                    That sounds costly happy Lowered budgets and all. I do appreciate your help.

                    We are actually just using the software as a trial at this point with intent to purchase in September, so although it is trial we want to get everything setup how it will be in production.
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                      if you're just starting a trial, McAfee would have assigned an engineer to help you - get them involved...