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    Pls pls help!! Urgent.

      awhile ago i was scanning my pc using mcafee. after it scanned the pc, out of stupidity without even knowing what it would do, i checked the files that are quarantined and then i clicked restore. when i checked drive C, some file weren't there anymore. most especially the important files of my mom. in short, after i clicked restore everything went missing. now my mom is so mad at me for having deleted her files. now i want to return the files that went missing but i dont know how. i checked the recent activities that has happened in mcafee but there was no record of the "restoring file" that i mistakenly did. there is also no UNDO or retrieve files in mcafee. i was so stupid. i thought "restore button" was to restore the files that were hit by the virus.

      HOW do i retrieve the quarantined files that has been restored (lost) by mcafee?

      PLS HELP! my mom is so mad. im so dead.
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          Moved from Data Backup to VirusScan.

          If you restored the files then they would reappear where they were before until VirusScan scans the next time and it all starts over again.

          If you clicked remove, rather than restore, then they are gone forever and can't be retrieved.

          I suspect you did the latter if they haven't reappeared.

          Check that they aren't quarantined again.

          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
          Click restore (left)
          Click Files (top left)

          If they are there again you are going to have to disable VirusScan temporarily and report them to the Threat Center in the hope that they can disable their detection in an update.

          See this thread regarding that: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=233664
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            yes, i clicked restore and not remove. but the files were originally from another hard disk that was just transferred to the new hard disk of our computer and there also no more copy of it in the old hard disk. is there any way i can retrieve the files? pls any way? don't you makers of mcafee have a record of the files of the people using mcafee?
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              McAfee applications only dial home with usage statiistics if that option has been OK'd by you, and for updates of course but no files are transferred from your machine to McAfee except if you are reporting something in the quarantine folder using the "Report to McAfee" option and then the Threat Center only holds them for analysis and subsequently discards them.

              There are ways and means of retrieving deleted data but it can be extremely expensive and would only work assuming that section of the drive hasn't already been overwritten.

              Try Googling "Data Retrieval".

              I got some here: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/01/24/top-10-free-data-recovery-softwar e/
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                thank you thank you soooo much for the suggested site. i tried to download it and it works. the files are now recovered. thank you so so much ^^
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                  That was a stroke of good luck. Glad it's OK now.

                  Marked this as solved.