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    Activation problem

      I want to activate my McAfee product, but everytime I get a pop-up;
      'Activation can't continu' We're having trouble activating products'.
      But now my computer isn't full protected.
      When is this problem fixed or do I have to do something else? And does
      this have any consequences for my (new) computer?

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          got the same issue. called tech support, was on the phone for 2 hours... and told me there was a problem with the product key, ask me to return it and get another one, after all that it is still the same, called them again, told me they can not do anything now, keep trying it for every 4 hours.........need some help here, I'm tired of trying it for every 4 hours.....
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            If you've previously had McAfee it could be corrupted so try the following:

            1. Uninstall all McAfee programs through "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel".

            2. Use the MCPR tool, see this article: How to remove supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe). This will remove all McAfee remnants from your computer. (you must have Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 to use this tool)

            3. Launch Windows Explorer and delete all McAfee files in "Program Files" but especially in "C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Application Data" and "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data". You have to set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > View tab). Just delete the McAfee folders even if they are empty in all the "Application Data" folders. Can be more than one!
            In Vista: C:\Program Files, C:\ProgramData and C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming
            If you can't find these files don't worry. It just means that MCPR has done its job.

            4. Reboot and redownload/reinstall your McAfee products directly from your account at the McAfee web site.

            Otherwise, ask Technical Support to escalate the issue to a higher level.
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              Ok not so much for the product key issue but ibn addition to the add remove try this

              Posted by Ex_brit elsewhere


              McAfee relies heavily on Internet Explorer settings regardless of your default browser choice. Go to IE Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK.

              Close and reopen IE then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.

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                thanks for the troubleshooting steps, but I try all those too..... because it was a newly reinstalled windows xp, so bought this Mcafee antivirus plus 2010........I guest I'll call them again..
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                  McAfee Offers Free Phone Support For 30 Days After New Activation
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                    I've chatted with someone from the helpdesk (which dutch was awful by the way) and he answered the same as written above; reinstall and install again (with a cd). It worked and i've activated the product immediately and now mcAfee works fine.
                    Mayby it had something to do with the installation I had done before on another pc wich I had activated also. So on this pc I activated it with another e-mail adres.
                    Allright, an hour later and my computer is protected again...but my faith in mcAfee isn't...:(
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                      These things seem to crop up occasionally but I personally haven't experienced it in recent years. Very strange. Anyway, glad it's fixed for you.