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    Full Scan freezing

      For the last couple of months I have been trying to do a full scan on my home PC. When I ran the scan last month it froze around 69% and could not get past this point. I tried again and got the same result. Tried a quick scan and this was OK. The point it is stopping at is c:\windows\$hf_mig$\KB933566\SP2QFE\dxtrans.dll

      I ran a full scan again last night and got the same issue coming up. The only thing I have done is upgrade IE6 to IE8 but this was back in May and it seemed OK up to a couple of months ago.

      My PC is running on OS Windows XP and, as just noted, am running IE8. The scan always seems to run OK until this point and although the scan icon is flashing away it doesn't seem to do anything. Last night I left it running overnight to try and finish the scan in case it was just a very large file but it was still running this morning at 7:30am (9 hours later) plus it freezes my programs. the only option I have then is to do a cold reboot to close everything.

      As I have had a few attempts to run the scan I have given up in trying. Does anyone have any solutions to my problem

      Many thanks

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          Have you tried going to that file location, right-clicking it and selecting "Scan" to see if it completes when asked to scan a single file? You may have to enable "View Hidden Files & Folders" in Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/View to actually see it.

          Another thing to check is for hard disk errors.

          If you are using XP go to Start/Run and type in cmd then click Enter.

          If Vista got to Start and type cmd in the Start Search box immediately above. When cmd.exe appears in the list above that right-click it and select "Run as Administrator".

          In the Command Prompt box type in chkdsk C: /r (with the spaces and alter C: to whatever drive letter is involved) and then hit the Enter key.

          It will say that it cannot proceed as the volume is in use, proceed at next boot Y/N? Type Y and hit the Enter key.

          Reboot and let the disk check run its course.

          See if that helps.
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            Hi ex-brit

            Many thanks for your help last week. I did a chkdsk as I had already tried the individual manual scan on the file which didn't work. Following the running of chkdsk, which replaced a couple of files (one being the problem file) I have now successfully carried out a full scan on my PC.

            Many thanks

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              Glad to help.