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    Not Protected, Updates Fail


      I'm trying to run VirusScan on Vista Ultimate x64, everything is fully up to date, and my clock is set right, with me running as an administrator and all other AV uninstalled.

      Yesterday, I purchased VirusScan, and I've been trying to install it today, with no success.

      I've removed everything, run the cleanup tool and reinstalled, but every time I do, I get a message about something nor being able to be removed, which suggests I run the Virtual Technician app.

      Doing so tells me nothing at all, and continuing anyway installs the application, but apparently with no AV at all - the realtime protection service is unable to start and attempting to download updates gets to 75% or so, then disappears.

      And, finally, SecurityCenter keeps telling me components are missing and I need to reinstall - doing so brings me back to the start.