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    IE*8 problem with Virusscan

      In the last few days I've a problem with using IE8 and in the course of trying to solve it I seem to have established that problem lies with VirusScan.

      I'm operating under Vista Home Premium (32 bit) and use Internet Security Version 9.11 (build 9.11.109) which includes VirusScan 13.11(build 13.11.102).

      I've been using IE8 with Mcafee without problem for some months but now if I use IE8 I get the following symptoms:
      1)CPU usage rises quickly to 100% and stays there .
      2)In Task Manager the two Iexplore.exe process each show at or near 50% cpu each.
      3)Occasionally it's not quite as bad as this and CPU usage will drop to about 60% with only one of the two Iexplore.exe process at 50% cpu while the other drops to single figures.

      While trying to solve this I discovered that if I removed Mcafee the problem went away and IE8 operated quite happily at 10-20% cpu - which is normal on my machine.

      Experimenting further I found that if I found that if I reinstalled Mcafee Site Advisor,Firewall and Spam Protection IE8 continued to work normally. Only when I reinstalled VirusScan did the problem return.

      No problem occured when using Firefox. There are numerous postings on forums reporting similar symptoms often pointing the finger at anti-virus software but not Mcafee except in the case IE8 Beta.

      Anyone got any ideas of why this should have occured and how to fix?
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          Well I'm using Vista SP2 x86, IE8, Firefox 3.5 and VirusScan 13.3 with no problems.

          Isn't 13.11 from the beta site? I have that version installed on my Windows 7 RC system and no problems there either.

          Have you checked disabling IE add-ons? Also is there anything in the Event Viewer to give any clues?
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            Don't know if 13.11 is from the beta site or not - it just happened to be what was downloaded from 'My Account' .

            Opening IE8 without add-ins doesn't help and I've not found anything in event viewer that helps although I've tried so much today it's a bit of a needle in a haystack.

            Very frustrating - everything was fine at the start of the week!

            By the way like you I have SP2 installed.
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              Then it must have been released already, I did hear a rumour about that.

              Try going to IE8 Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset. OK any prompts, Apply and OK it then exit IE and reopen it. Go to Tools/Manage Add-Ons and re-enable the add-ons as Reset disables all of them.

              See if that helps.

              Also make sure that IE8 has full access in the firewall by doing the following:

              Double-click the taskbar icon to opoen Security Center
              Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
              Click Configure (left)
              Click Internet & Network (top left)
              Click Advanced (right)
              Click Program Permissions (left) and check it there.

              Lastly, you could possible have some spyware onboard.

              Download install and update the free version of these two tools and let them clean anything they find:


              See if any of the above help.
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                Thanks for the suggestions. I'd already tried some of them but I've tried the rest and there's no improvement.
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                  Well, I'll flag this to see if any of my colleagues have any ideas. Meanwhile you could always do an online chat with Technical Support as they are open 24/7, link at top left of the page or in my signature.

                  One last question, is this an upgrade from a previous version, and if so did you try uninstalling, using the cleanup tool and then reinstalling?
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                    Thanks again Peter. I had forgotten about the removal tool but I've now uninstalled used the removal tool and reinstalled but still no joy.

                    I've flagged the issue up with technical support by email (didn't have time to chat yesterday) so I'll see what they come up with.
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                      Good luck, they are notoriously slow with email so I do recommend the Chat line who can escalate the case if necessary.

                      Meanwhile I have flagged this, noone has bitten yet though.
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                        Well the good news is that the problem is fixed, the bad news is I'm not sure how I did it!

                        Chat support with Mcafee including about 5 hours (!) remote access failed to solve the problem. Last night I was mulling over the question whether to abandon Mcafee or abandon IE while doing some minor maintenance and suddenly the issue was gone!
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                          Out of interest what is the build number of Virusscan now? Updated to 103 by chance? What is your engine version?

                          Above is probably not the issue as it could have been your housekeeping as I have been running 13.11 for 2 months with IE7/8 and no CPU issues. Out of interest what PC maintenance maybe Temp files clean up?
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