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    full scan crashes computer

      Whenever I run a full scan, the computer crashes & locks up. I have to turn it off manually.
      This is what I've tried to fix the problem:
      1. Scanning in Safe Mode - same result
      2. Online scans - McAfee - same result
      3. Online scans - Norton - same result
      4. Online scans - Windows Vista - same result
      5. Online scans - ESET - same result
      6. Online scans - MalBytes - same result
      7. Scanning with System Restore turned off - same result
      8. System Restore to restore point
      9. Run CHKDSK - no problems

      I can't think of anything else.
      Any ideas?
        • 1. RE: full scan crashes computer
          Running anything like VirusScan causes things to heat up and if any fans are faulty or not running (dust etc) or air vents blocked, the system will shut down to protect itself.

          So check everything inside, if you can.
          • 2. RE: full scan crashes computer
            Thanks for replying.

            I don't think it can be a matter of heat & fans. The various scans I've tried take different amounts of time before the computer crashes. If it were a build up of heat, it should crash after more or less a similar amount of activity.

            Furthermore, all the scans crash when they get to the same folder, sometimes the same file.
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              Ah, that explains a lot. That folder, where is it situated and can you move it to say removable media or an external drive?

              Obviously it is corrupted and the scanners crash in trying to unpack it, but they fail and after so many attempts crash.
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                I've now down loaded Stinger & run that. Same result.

                The folder is here:
                C:\program files\common files\adobe\help\cs-CZ\bridge\2.0\
                There's a lot in that folder, but the files causing the problem all start:
                Then there's a dash & a number, about a dozen different files with different numbers. They are all html files.

                I have tried copying the files concerned (just the files, not the enture folder), prior to trying to delete them, to a CD, but the computer crashes & locks up in the same way when I try that.

                Any ideas?
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                  Do you need Adobe help files in Czech? Anything listed in Control Panel/Programs under Adobe that you can uninstall, a language pack for instance, which I'm pretty sure you don't need.
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                    I have uninstalled everything Adobe that I don't use.
                    Everything from the Help folder mentioned above disappeared except the long list of language folders including the Czech.
                    So I deleted the cs-CZ folder manually.
                    Then I tried a full scan, but, of course, everything crashed, as before, once the virus checker reached the Recycle Bin. The recycle bin shows as empty & a right click on it, & then clicking Empty Bin, causes the computer to crash & lock up. It didn't do that before.

                    So it would seem that the offending files are in the recycle bin that I can't access.

                    Devilish Holmes.
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                      It sounds like you have system corruption. What operating system and service pack are you using and is it totally up to date?
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                        Please re-run CHKDSK with the /R switch and report back the results.

                        CHKDSK C: /R
                        • 9. good news
                          I started up the computer to find that the recycle bin was present again & it contained the offending folder. I manually deleted the cs-CZ folder by emptying the bin with no problems.
                          Then I ran a full scan with McAfee which ran completely & found no problems.

                          Not only that but other problems seem to have disappeared. For example, a new game (Anno 1404) used to run so slowly that it wasn't worth playing. Now it runs fine.
                          Similarly, while I had the no-full-scan problem Windows Media Player wouldn't work, now it plays fine.
                          So - all seems to be well. Thanks to you guys. I'm suitably grateful.

                          The chkdisk with the R switch reported a clean disk, incidentally.
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