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    McAfee crashes my pc

      When I run full scan, my pc turns to blue screen and dumps memory.
      I think that the problem lies with Adobe Flashplayer. When I uninstall Flashplayer, my scan proceeds as normal.
      I have tried running older versions of Flashplayer, but problem still occurs. This may be due to my kids accessing Facebook and such sites, I think they install active controls, that install Flashplayer or at least the parts that my pc doesn't like.

      My pc:
      XP Home SP3 - AMDXP 2700+ - 216GH'S - 992mb RAM (Current Windows Updates)

      My McAfee:
      Security Cntr. Version 9.3 - Virus Scan Version 13.3 - Personal Firewall Version 10.3

      The only reason that I hit myself over the head with my keyboard, is that it feels good when:mad: I stop.
        • 1. Viro is lonley
          Hello is there anybody out there:eek:
          My cpu is running at 58degC, with side of case off. Is this too hot?
          • 2. RE: Viro is lonley
            Check for faulty fans, dust and loose connections. Also check for and remove any Earthlink software if you have any, as just lately it has started crashing computers running McAfee.
            Flash should not effect McAfee at all but you should always have the latest version installed and uninstall any older ones.
            Note: there is no flash available for x64 versions of Windows (if applicable).
            • 3. My pc crashes
              Thanks Ex-Brit,
              Will try that.
              One of the fans seems noisy.
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                PC shops sell some very useful cans of compressed air which are good for blasting dust out. Of course running VirusScan will cause the unit to heat up and dust accumulation can make it a lot worse, hence the crashes.
                • 5. My pc crashes
                  Thanks Ex-Brit.
                  You were absolutely correct.
                  I removed the fan from the processor and could not believe what I found!
                  It was like a rats nest, I could hardly see the processor for accumulated dust.
                  I gave it a very good clean and blew onto it with a vacuum cleaner.
                  The difference now is unbelievable.
                  My cpu temperature is now 40degC.
                  I downloaded Adobe Flashplayer and ran a full scan sucessfully.
                  My cpu temperature after the scan had risen to 46degC. So again you were right regarding scanning increasing temperature.
                  I also found that the fan at the back of my box, was blowing inwards. I could not understand the logic of this, so I turned it around.
                  I was thinking of installing a fan at the front of the box, to blow inwards, my thinking being, it would provide a thoughput of air and could not be a bad thing. What's do you think of this idea?
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                    If there's room for another fan do it, you can never have too few of those. I dread to think what the inside of mine looks like as it's been around a year since I last had the side off.

                    Now you've got me on the go...LOL.

                    Anyway, good luck!
                    • 7. Overheated pc
                      Thanks Ex-Brit for your help.
                      My pc is now running like new.
                      • 8. RE: McAfee crashes my pc
                        Glad to help.