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    Problem Caused by Updates

      This is my first post to the forum. Thanks for any help.

      I did a full scan this morning. McAfee did an automatic update about two hours ago. I got a message saying my “Computer & Files” and “E-Mail & IM” are not fully protected. When I click Fix, I get this message, “One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error.”

      The right-hand column says:

      Real-time scanning is disabled.
      Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled.
      IM scanning is disabled.
      Script scanning is disabled.
      Buffer overflow protection is disabled.

      I don't know what to do. I hired someone to install my VirusScan Plus. Hope I don't have to hire someone to fix this.

      Ex_Brit said to include the following information. I did my best:
      1. System is Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 3, 3.00 GB of Ram.
      2. Last year I had McAfee Internet Security Suite. It is uninstalled.
      3. Currently installed are Security Center 9.3, VirusScan 13.3, Personal Firewall 10.3 and Site Avisor 2.9
      4. I don't think my operating system is an upgrade.
      5. File System is NTFS.
      6. I have DSL, not dial up.
      7. U.S.