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    Encryption Key on a different device

      I'm getting a lot of push back when it comes to fixing any problems on drives encrypted with full disk encryption. Most of the time my answer is that it is the nature of FDE. Yesterday we had a PC with a virus and McAfee EE 5.1.7 installed.

      L2 Support was not able to get anywhere with the virus and wanted to know what to do. In the end (and in this specific case) I was able to remove the virus manually.

      But where the push back is coming is I'm now required to figure out a way to take that hard drive and hook it up to another system so they can run antivirus/malware...

      I figure this is possible by booting to a PE disc that has the wintech tools and antivirus programs, but is there any way to get another PC to recognize the key needed for another drive?