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    Mcafee doesn't let me scan

      Mcafee keeps giving me an alert that says something like: ' Your pc isn't protected', so I click it, and then it shows in red letters that the PC and files, and email need an action. At the right it says: "the real time analysis is deactivated", " the analysis of spies and not desired programs is deactivated", "the IM analysis is deactivated", in both options the PC and the email.

      So I tried to scan the pc, by going to the option 'scan' (or analyze, I don't know what it says in english cause I use it in spanish x))... and when I pick any option (quick scan, complete scan or to choose) a window opens, it says something like:
      the analysis have found a problem that cannot be solved. Next we give you the details of the problem: Scan failed to start ; result= -2147467259

      the mcafee technician cant solve it., it just say that the services aren't running, that the service is incorrect and the DAT is obsolete.

      ALso, at the taskbar the update mcafee icon have been 'installing mcafee virus scan' for like 3 days. Which is the same time mcafee keeps sending me the alert.

      how can i fix this?