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    Word & Excel Files Won't Open After Virus Scan Install

      Hello. I am trying to help someone with a computer problem. Since she recently installed McAfee Virus Scan she has been unable to open any Microsoft Word or Excel files. She can get into the programs without any problem, but the files themselves won't open.

      She gets the message that the file is not available when trying to open it from within Word/Excel or through My Computer. I can open her files without any problem on my computer, and the files scan as clean using ZoneAlarm on my computer. Everything was working fine before she installed the McAfee program.

      She has uninstalled/reinstalled the McAfee program and Microsoft Word -- several times, I believe. This has not resolved the problem. She still cannot open the files.

      She uses Windows XP. She previously had Norton Antivirus on the computer and says she had uninstalled that before installing McAfee.

      I would appreciate your help! She has some important Word files that she needs to work on for school projects.

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          Is your XP fully patched with updates for both Windows and Office using Microsoft Updates?
          You should try it for both critical and non-critical updates.

          Please go to Start/Run and type in winver then click the Enter key and post what it says.

          Did you use the Norton Removal Tool after uninstalling Norton products?

          Please post your McAfee product versions, found by opening Security Center (right-click or double-click the taskbar icon) and then going to "About" in the lower right-hand corner of the open window.
          • 2. Thank You!
            Hello Ex_Brit,

            When she told me that her previous antivirus program was Norton, alarm bells went off in my head. Knowing that Norton isn't easy to remove completely, I suggested to her that she needed to download and run the Norton Removal Tool.

            After I posted the problem on this forum, but before receiving your reply, she ran the Norton Removal Tool. Everything is fine now! McAfee VirusScan works, and she can open both Word and Excel files.

            Thanks so much for your assistance. You came up with the key to solving her problem -- something several McAfee techs had not caught!

            Best wishes to you.
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              I figured it was Norton because a Google search of the problem mentioned Norton several times.

              Good luck.