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    Problem w/ Initiating a scan

      So I've tried to sift through all the problems on these forums to use another users' answers for my own problem but here it goes;

      So I'm using VirusScan 13 build 13.3.117 and EVERYTIME I try and run a virus scan manually, wether a complete, quick or custom I get an error message saying the program has encountered an error and was unable to recover. Failed to initialize code =-2147467259

      I've looked around here and for some reason my IE7 is hanging basically everytime I begin trying to DL the chat support feature and I'm tired of starting that process over.

      Other comp Data.

      I'm using Windows XP SP3 with 2gb of RAM and pretty basic other features. Please let me know if you have any solutions or ideas to try out here Thanks for your help happy