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      I have no Virus protection, according to my Security Center. It was fixed, then it went out again. HELP! I am waiting for an answer from McAfee. Anybody else have this problem? Can sure use some help. Thanks. amp
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          what is your Operating system (windows xp/windows vista)?
          what Service Pack do you have?
          what security software have you tried installing?

          please provide us with further information about your issue...
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            to bua_ako I have Windows XP Pro, SP 3, McAfee, I tried ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS. I hope this is ok. Some of this stuff is new to me hope we can take it slow. Thanks amp:)
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              just to verify... both mcafee and Paertologic Antivirus are both insalled, right?

              can you please open mcafee and tell us the status of mcafee (protected/not protected)...

              also go to your control panel, security center, and tell us as well what program is being read as your antivirus software...
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                bua_ako McAfee=protected, no anti-virus protection still. okay amp:
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                  mcafee is protected... this is good...

                  however, your windows security is not showing a virus protection... 2 things here...

                  1. antivirus protections you have installed may be conflicting, hence windows cannot identify which AV protection is installed;
                  2. you need to rebuild the windows repository, or uninstalled and reinstall mcafee (one condition though... there shouldn't be any other AV software when reinstalling mcafee).
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                    hi, bua_ako Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was having aproblem with the printer. I already uninstalled all of the other Virus & Spyware programs. What is this rebuild the repository? I also have unistalled & reinstalled mcafee. I hope these will help you. Thanks amp.
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                      i would assume that uninstall and reinstall of mcafee did not resolve your issue and that the windows security center still is not able to identify mcafee as your AV right?

                      rebuilding the repository is like restarting the information that windows security reads...

                      there are certain commands in rebuilding it... i've read about it in one of the forums not really sure of the exact command... let me browse through the site and check if i could find those commands... please sit tight...
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                        Hi, bua_ako Good news! I uninstalled SP3, then I reinstalled Windows XP SP2. That did help, I also reinstalled SP3. Also reinstalled all McAfee products. I now have Virus protection. I hope this helps you out. Thank for all your help & concern, amp:
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                          wow... never thought of doing that... i guess it was with the upgrade from sp2 to sp3... thanks for the information... may help out others who are having the same issue... :)

                          glad you're ok now...