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    How do I adjust the System Guards within Virusscan Plus?

      Dear forum helpers,

      Please excuse me for my bad English. I've recently installed VirusScan Plus 2009 (my first time that I use McAfee) without any problems. When I look at the three types of System Guards the default setting for 'System Guards for Programs' is: 'abled/on' and the four 'items' have all the adjustment: 'Changes set down only in the log-file/book'. For: 'System Guards for Browsers' is the setting also 'abled/on' and for the eleven 'items' are the adjusments sometimes also 'Changes set down in the logfile/book', some of them are 'disabled' and some are 'With warning and also set down in the logfile/book'.

      However for: 'System Guards for Windows' is the setting complete: 'Disabled'. Is it wise to set this 'System Guards for Windows' on 'abled/on'? So 'yes', which items must I set on 'abled/on' and which on:'Changes set down only in the logfile/book' and which on" Wth warning and set down in the logfile/book', because there's a lot of items (eleven) which I can adjust. And for any item can I choose for the three choices. I hope that my question is clear and that you can give me so exactly as possible the most required settings for this 'System Guards for Windows'.

      Also, when the default settings for the other two System Guards aren't the best, then please give me the best settings for them too. Thank you very much for your help,