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    Virusscan Plus 2009 Upgrade


      I have a 3 user licence for Virusscan 2008 which expires 30/10/2008. I installed it from boxed retail package, but subsequently was able to re-install by download when problems arose. I have 1 XP Pro machine and 1 Vista (32 bit) machine running McAfee smoothly at the moment. They both upgraded themselves to v13. I have looked at Amazon and the price of a 3 user Virusscan Plus 2009 UPGRADE disk (retail) is one third of the price of the renewal online option. Can anyone tell me if there are any problems with uninstalling the existing McAfee on both machines and installing from the UPGRADE disk.
      What is the difference between a normal retail 3-user licence package and the retail 3-user licence UPGRADE package?
      It would be great if the uninstall/install bit was NOT necessary and the new license details could just be installed and then validated online.

      Would be grateful for some help,