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    McAfee 2009 performance issues..anyone?


      I recently install McAfee 2009 opting only to install the console and virusscan (no firewall or site adviser). I have a 3.2 Ghz P4 w/512MB ram running XP Pro with all recent updates.

      Immediately after installing/rebooting, my web browsing slowed to a craw (virtual memory jumped to about 90Mb). I uninstall McAfee and life went back to normal. Enter McAfee Support....

      I tried the standard tips by instaling the 4 or 5 tools to cleanup McAfee installation and the uninstalled/reinstalled McAfee (Yes, I did have previous versions which were uninstalled). That didn't help. Rather than get on another chat, I decided to fdisk and install Vista Ultimate without any other app (not even Office). Performance was great once again....

      then I installed 2009 - back to bad performance.

      Resumed my case and it ended up escalating to 2nd level. The guy ran through the same procedurs with the 4/5 cleanup tools and re-installed (I'm not sure why since the registry is brand spanking new). He then installed 2009 using the defaults (recall that I didn't).

      Now it's working fine. I don't get it.

      Can someone offer an explanation? The tech couldn't - he just kept saying that there were old McAfee entries. If there were, it came from the CD/web download installer which was the same size as the one that he downloaded when he was connected.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Vinod R

          even though it was designed to clear all entries the removal tool sometimes is unable to remove some files thanks to the permissions assigned on the operating system and user profile.... esp Vista... some times requiring a manual clearing ..

          sometimes installation clogs up due to permission issues too.

          Now most of those applications are designed to be set in a full suite (esp the Virus scan and firewall) and they will perform there best when set so.. there are far too many criss-crossing files and services that one might call for another in the back ground and if its not installed it can sometimes show a minor dip in performance..
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            Thank you, Vinod.

            I agree with your comments on using the standard installation options. Rather than experiment to confirm, I've decided to accept the fix and move on. It was probably my choice of custom installation that was the cause.
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              Vinod R
              I am glad that you are ok and the machine is running smooth:)

              keep these tips in mind for a good and safe computing...