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    Dual boot (boot manager.ini

      Hi guys,

      I want to edit the bootmanager.ini file, but the documentaation tells me that it is in the pre boot /boot directory. how can I get there? Is there a other way to edit these file, is this file also copied to the server when a agents updates?


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          just deploy a copy to the same folder under [appdir] and it will get synced in.

          use a merge ini, then your changes won't overwrite anything which is already there.
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            Dear Safeboot team,

            thanks for your reply, but before I go any futher I will explain the situation.
            We have laptops with 2 OS version on there, one on a encrypted disk and one on a non encrypted disk. When we install the agent including the boot manager it ALWAYS starts from the non encrypted disk (the OS without a agent) and now I cannot sync any more. Is there a way to edit the bootmanager.ini file on the cliet itself to fix this? Or can I fix this in a other way so that I can boot in the encrypted disk OS again?

            Bye the way, I don't really understand what you mean with the [appfolder], do you mean on the server or the client. ANd how can I merge files instead of ioverwriting them.

            I know a lot of questions, but I can't find anything about this in the manuals.

            Thanks for your help,

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              You have to install the agent into both os as the Pre boot auth happens before the os boots. How to deploy files is in the eem admin guide though.

              There are a lot of variables in your setup. What are the os' for example?

              With eepc installed you will have to boot from the same disk all the time. Are you sure you have a multi boot system? It sounds like you have a machine with two boot drives, something not really supported.