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    Angry new customer - alot of problems..


      So I decided to buy McAfee Total Protection (didnt find forum for this, so IS is first similar to Total Protection).

      OK, I choose language of site - Croatian, ok.. pay.. install
      1. Translation is terrable an I want to change language to english, because i dont understand on croatian, even I am croatian.

      2. Due to problem No.1 I wanted to contact chat support, I click on suport (croatian McAfee site) - it transfer me on english support site and when i need to enter info in form, just before chat, it doesnt accept my mail, because my product isnt registered? (i buyed it online, over McAfee store, wtf??)

      3. Ok... lets register...
      404 error, not existing web site for registration???

      I expect answer soon,
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          Peter M
          I wasn't aware that there was a Croatian version. I see Srbija which would probably be the closest.

          If you want to have the application all in English then you would have to uninstall it in the normal way, via the Control Panel, then run the MCPR removal tool linked in my signature, then after a reboot, reinstall from the English website: http://uk.mcafee.com/root/downloads.asp

          That may also solve the issues contacting Technical Support.
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            omw to do that, thanks for fast replay!

            about language, it is croatian (hr)

            and please resolve problem with contacting chat and this registration issue, for future grin
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              Peter M
              Can you use the Technical Support Chat link in my signature? (Or even the Customer Service link). If that works then they should be able to help with the registration issue.

              404 usually means a temporary internet problem that will eventually work.
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                yes, now it works, i also notice my cpanel of McAfee website is on english now and it did notice my mcafee product which i buyed long time ago.

                so, now it works everything ok :)

                oh, and i would like to report one small issue :D

                when i am entering fields of form for chat, name, last name etc. mail, then i need to retype mail again - i cant write "@".
                i have croatian keyboard and cro layout. then i tryed to change on eng. keyboard + layout and i could enter "@".. so, its just small issue so other ppl which dont use eng keyboard can access chat :)

                one more time, thx for hlp :)

                edit: croatian layout use Alt Gr + V = @
                eng layout is on croatian keyboard SHIFT + 2 = @
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                  Peter M
                  That's interesting. I'll point this out to the McAfee people when we have our next conference call with them.

                  We are just volunteer users like yourself here.

                  You could always use Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V - Copy and paste method.