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    Safe boot Gina

      Hi ,
      We have 3 Gina installed on the system and they all need to be loaded at the logon prompt
      as follow:
      1gina.dll=safeboot gina
      I have sorted a way out to run 2 GINA by using GINADLL with value of 1gina.dll and SB-Ginadll with value of 2gina.dll but the problem comes in when i need to load the third one which i dont know how.
      I have tried using :
      SB-Ginadll2,SB-Ginadll-2,SB2-Ginadll,SB-2-Ginadll ,Origginadll and couldent tell safe boot to load the third gina .
      please help as this needs to be done as soon as possible
      Many thanks