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    unable to connect to mcafee total protection service update server

      It is my first post so I hope I'm in the right place as it is a bit confusing.
      2 Days ago Mcafee was auto-updating and for some unknown reason the update was interrupted. Ever since I cannot get Mcafee to update. I get the message: unable to connect to mcafee total protection service update server. I looked up in the help guide but I cannot find security center and internet works fine for everything else on my computer.
      I have vista premium at 4gb, NTFS, broadband, wireless. I am in UK and I have Mcafee version (2 months trial, still 10 days to go) Total protection service.
      Can anyone help?
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          please try running mcafee virutal technician in my signature and post the session ID here...
          • 2. Unable to update.
            Thanx for your interest. I downloaded the diagnostic tool. It didn't find any problems but I still cannot update. My session ID is 14836092. Do you need the MVThealthcheck document too?
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              no need...

              have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product? the MVT session ID shows that the language is not being supported... furhtermore both virus scan and firewall are not properly registered to any email...

              have you considered uninstalling and reinstalling the program?
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                The Total Protection Service Summary Report says that I do not have subsription to this service (email protection). Don't know why. Maybe because it's a trial version. I have UK english language on my computer and greek for system locale but untill the day before yesterday it was updating fine. I am a bit afraid to uninstall Mcafee in case I lose my last 9 days of trial. Also in this version I am given almost no control of the program. Only over the status settings which is on. It appears as if Mcafee cannot find a computer with internet connection, whatever that means. What do you think is causing the problem?
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                  please post the IP that is given...
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                    I only have windows defender & Superantispyware. The windows firewall is disabled.
                    The IP you asked is
                    Do you think it's possible to download the updates otherwise?
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                      yes it is possible... however, one suggestion i would make is for you to either renew the subscription or purcahse the product and reinstall through the website... this should resolve this particular issue regarding you update...
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                        With Mcafee not up to date I dont want to disable defender. SAS is the free version. I dont believe my computer is infected. I was planning to renew my subscription when the trial was over but now I have second thoughts about the efficiency of the particular software. Imagine I have paid and get this trouble.... The trial version should be one to persuade someone to buy the product.....
                        Could you please tell me how to get the updates in another way?
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                          for home user versions of mcafee if i'm not mistaken the way to get updates is either automatically letting mcafee get it or manually clickin on the update button...

                          i agree with you... trial versions should be able to persuade you in purchasing the software... however... trial versions are very limited and have limited support as well...

                          disabling windows defender temporarily would be one trouble shooting step we could go through... when you disable it (not uninstall) run a manual update with mcafee... capture any erros during the update... it would help a lot...

                          again... if you have a trial version i would recommend that you get a full version not necessarily mcafee but make sure that you get a program that gives you full functionality...
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