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    uninstalling/installing internet security 08/09 from cda

      I recently bought internet security 2009 in a store (cd) for 3 users. I now have the 2008 version (internet security 2008 for 3 users) on my system (windows xp professional). The flyer in the box says you could just start installation if upgrading from previous versions of McAfee. I know in the past this has not been true even if in the information given in box and there have been probelms. What is the situation for upgrading from 08 to 09? Have past probelms been resolved or does one have to go through all the uninstalling with windows remove and then the mcafee uninstall download. And if still have to go through this process of uninstalling (vs just updating) how keep computer safe while all this is ongoing since with the old one removed the computer is now vulnerable until new version is installed.