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    IS (Web.de) and Windows 7/64 Bit Problem

      Hello everybody,

      I installed IS (Web.de edtition) by DMSetup.exe. After installation, on two different systems (Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate, both 64 Bit), the antivirus-part is not working.
      On my old Vista 64 Bit it worked fine.

      I checked it by using the virtual technican, but it did not found any installation of IS.
      An error message arises and suggests to reinstall it.
      After reinstallation, I got the same error.

      Does anybody can help me?
      Thank you in advance.


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          having a similar problem on a windows7 64 bit system.  Worked fine on one machine but on the second i noticed the installation defaulkted to installing in C:/ program files whereas virtual technician installs in C:/ program files(x86).  My suspicion is that Virtual technician is too dumb to work if the two are not in the same folder.

          Chat support was useless and so I've uninstalled mcafee.  perhaps someone else can prove the theory