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      So which version is currently released - 2009 or 2010??

      McAfee homepage says 2009, it says 2010 after you click it.

      It also shows several websites selling 2010.

      Last time I installed it (last week), it was 2009.

      If McAfee is trying to sell 2009 under the guise of 2010, I'm not so sure about the ethics of that type of practice.

      If this is what McAfee is doing, it's misleasing and it makes me not want to use the product.

      Granted you get a free upgrade from 2009 to 2010, but trying to sell 2009 with a 2010 name is suspicious.
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          Peter M
          2009 is the current one. Those being sold under the 2010 label are just repackaged in anticipation of the new products when their beta testing is done, and will automatically download the new products once released. Actually they all will upgrade anyway as long as the subscription is current.

          The actual 2010 products are still being beta tested. I voiced strong objections to this re-labelling practice but was told that it is common trade practice.

          To me it's very misleading, but there you go, Corporations always win out in these matters.
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            Thank you for the reply.



            on 11/13/09 12:58 AM
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              Peter M

              You're welcome.