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    After latest McAfee update mcshield.exe using 100% CPU for extended periods of time

      I have a 5-user license for Internet Security Suite. After the latest McAfee update which required a restart of each system per the McAfee popup box, the mcshield.exe process is using 100% CPU for extended periods of time on every system! For example, if I right-click on a file in Windows Explorer to bring up the context menu, mcshield.exe will consume 100% CPU for a minimum of 30 seconds. On the slower machines, it stays that way for up to two minutes! It also happens when I try to start up some software programs like various Nero components.

      This issue is extremely problematic on my two single core systems. On my two dual-core systems, it pegs one of the cores to 100% (system overall 50% busy) and on my one quad core system it pegs one core to 100% (system overall 25% busy). Nothing else has changed (i.e. no software installs or removals) on any of these systems, but the mcshield.exe CPU usage problem is happening on all of them!

      Please advise!
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