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    changing products from Internet Security Suite to VirusScan Plus 2009

      Hi friends,

      I have 3 Windows Vista PC's that had Internet Security Suite installed a year ago. Knowing that my subscription was due to expire in a couple of weeks, I (instead of subscribing) installed a different McAfee product that was given to me as a gift: VirusScan Plus 2009. The box has a sticker (I'm in Spain so I'll do a rough translation to English) that says: "Update. Version valid only for previous users of a McAfee product). That's me, right? Previous user of a validly installed legal copy of a (different) McAfee product. It installed fine.

      But now I'm getting a message that McAfee "Security Center" will expire in 9 days. Can I safely assume that "Security Center" is part of my old Internet Security Suite and I'll be fine with just the VirusScan Plus 2009?

      To complicate matters, I only find installed on my PC (in the all programs part of the start menu) McAfee Easy Network (don't use it) and McAfee Security Center... NOT either one of the installed suites! I'm really confused now!

      Thanks for the help!