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    outlook express outgoing email issue

      Hope someone out there can help me. I am very close to desperate on this issue.
      I have an email account with worldnet.att.net. I use outlook express to process my mail. I am unable to succesfully send mail via outlook express from my worldnet.att.net account to any att.net (att.yahoo.net) addresses. The problem shows up with several people I know that have the att.net (att.yahoo.net) email addresses. If I send email throught the web mail system (IE7) provided by att the emails go through but not when I use outlook express.
      I have spent several hours on line and phone with both the worldnet and att help people and they have got me believing that the problem is with my outlook express, mcafee security center or the wirelss router that I use which was provided by att. I do know that the problem is only about 2 months old and before 2 months ago, there were no issues. As far as i know, the outlook express and rounter have not had upgrades to them in the 2 month window since the problem arose. I am also able to receive emails from these people just not able to send it to them.
      Thanks in advance