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    Password Vault

      When I try to use Password Vault, I get the message "We're sorry but we can't add passwords to your password vault right now". I have been in touch with McAfee and been told to uninstall and reinstall McAfee, which I did, but I still cannot use password vault and am getting the same message. Anyone know the answer please?
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          1. What is the version of McAfee that you use?
          2. Have you tried to create a new password vault with any other user account?
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            I am having the same problem. I surfaced after I renewed my subsripion. I have used "3 User McAfee Total Protection for years and have never had this problem before. I've spent two full days working thru the support site without success of ant kind. The McAfee Virtual technition sys everything os fine. Does anyone have an answer?

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              I have the same problem. I do not see Password Vault, after I installed Internet Security 2010

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                I probably shouldn't say this in a McAfee forum but if you use McAfee's password vault you are tied to McAfee for life -- something not lost on them you can be sure.  If you choose to use another AV program you lose the passwords.  There are shareware and freeware programs (google Keepass) that work fine and are secure and you can take the 'vault' (i.e. the database where they are stored) to other machines easily after installing the program on them.  I have my 'vault' on 4 machines.  Keepass also starts quicker than McAfee on any machine I run (my main one is a dual core 2.4 ghz, XP pro,
                4gb 800 mhz DDR2 ram).

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                  Thanks for your suggestion. I will try out keepass... thanks Karthic