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    problems with browser after installing IS last night

      I'm having a number of problems running the three-user Internet Security Suite I upgraded to last night.

      First, I had the "red x's" problem while installing it last night (which was finally resolved after several tries and a chat session with support... I mention it only in case it's relevant to the current problem).

      After installation, I noticed I no longer saw ads on web pages. For most people this is a good thing, but I'm a web designer and need to be able to see them and make sure they're working properly. I also couldn't log on to Google Adsense.

      Javascript and Flash weren't working, and .pdf files won't load.

      I assumed this was part of the parental controls, so I tried accessing the Security Center to see if I needed to modify my preferences, but the box was blank. I thought it might be because I was running a limited Windows user account and not admin, so I logged on as administrator and tried to give my non-admin account more privileges under the parental controls. Logged back on to my non-admin account and there was no change, so I switched back to admin and turned off the parental controls and firewall completely. Still no change.

      I went through the browser Add-Ons menu and disabled anything labeled McAfee, closed all Windows and restarted, but no change; still no Javascript, Flash, etc.

      Tried to install the latest version of Flash but could not even access the download as Javascript was not working.

      I even had trouble registering for this support forum as the Image Verification wouldn't load.