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    Installation probs Internet Security 2009

      I have Windows XP. Dial-up connection. 3 year old HP computer.
      Yesterday I tried to install Internet Security 2009 from the disk. It was recommended to download it but that is a 9-10 hour download on dialup. So I proceeded by disk and it "seems" to be ok. Green checkmark etc.,
      1. I was never prompted to register and still have not been able to find a way to.
      2. No "M" icon is in my taskbar except for about 2 seconds when I boot up and then it disappears.
      3. When I click "update" it does nothing.

      I have talked to 3 people at McAfee support. First was a lady who sent me an email telling me to hit the update button and the registration info would appear. (it didn't)
      2nd & 3rd were two techs today. I was told to go into my task manager and close "mcoengrr.exe" which I did. I was told that then I would absolutely be able to register my product...still can't. And still no "m" in the taskbar. I ran the virtual technician and it tells me I need to update.
      Yesterday I also downloaded the Norton uninstall tool and uninstalled all of my previous Norton/Symantec product.
      Hope someone can help me through this.
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          Install McAfee first

          After the installation check if you have the option product setup when you right click on 'M' icon in the system tray, if you have click on it, and if nothing happens after clicking on it do the following..

          Goto your C drive look for the folder sysprep if you haver rename it to 'oldsysprep'

          And then select on the option product setup....
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            I was able to activate my product after going to the C drive and changing the name of that folder! Thank you! BUT I still do not have a 'M' in my system tray. It appears for a few seconds when I first startup but then it vanishes. I moved everything back and forth but it just is not there. I shut down and restarted after fixing that folder and activating but still nothing. I have hit the update button and I have no way of knowing if it is updating or not because I have no icon in the system tray to tell me. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks
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              Never mind. After three days of grief trying to get this installed, I removed it and downloaded a free antivirus program which installed and is working like a dream.