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    Protection while installing?

      I hope I have the correct part of the forum, I would be very glad of some advice please.
      I have Total protection 2009 3 user.
      I am running XP on the first computer.

      I clicked on the renewal button and was directed to a screen to purchase a download (which actually seems to be a new programme purchase) the download would not proceed untill I disabled all the functions of the existing McAfee programme.

      This meant remaining connected to the internet for 30 mins or so without a firewall, It didn't seem possible to download to a saved file and install later as you can with some security providers.

      I now want to carry out the update on my second machine which runs Vista, can I disable McAfee but enable the windows Firewall as a temporary measure while downloading without causing a problem please?

      Thank you,
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          It's actualy always a good idea to activate Windows firewall if you have to uninstall McAfee's software or disable, for whatever reason, McAfee's software features....
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            Thanks for your reply Jubo, I will be prepared next time and activate the Windows Firewall.

            As it happens, it looks like upgrading my first computer to 2009 has also renewed the 2008 version on the second one for a year automatically, so unless there's any major changes in the new version I think I may just leave that one for now.

            Thanks again for your help,