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    pc health program

      yes i just renewed my subscribtion and installed and updated everything.I noticed after i came home that the system guard had been disabled while i was at work and my girlfriend was on the computer.So i enabled it and load up the old trusty webroot and noticed that at 4:41 pm There was lots of entries in my session log.Such as4:41 PM: Tamper Detection
      Operation: Registry Access
      Target: \SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\Root\LEGACY_SSIDRV\0000\LogConf\FilteredConfig
      4:41 PM: Tamper Detection
      Operation: Registry Access
      Target: \SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\Root\LEGACY_SSIDRV\0000\LogConf\BasicConfig
      4:41 PM: Tamper Detection
      Operation: Registry Access
      Target: \SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\Root\LEGACY_SSIDRV\0000\LogConf\ForcedConfigVector
      4:41 PM: Tamper Detection
      Operation: Registry Access
      Target: \SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\Root\LEGACY_SSIDRV\0000\LogConf\AllocConfigVector
      4:41 PM: Tamper Detection
      Operation: Registry Access
      Target: \SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Enum\Root\LEGACY_SSIDRV\0000\LogConf\BootConfigVector
      and for other legacy_ areas
      So then i used windows explorer and searched for files that had been modified today and then arranged then in chronoligical order and noticed that i had these entries in this time frame.20 entries of collected data at locationc:windows/pchealth/helpctr/datacoll these are xml files.I also noticed history_db was created , but what is in this file it seems to send out the 20 files to wherever.This history_db seems be controlled by a file that created itself when the computer was idle and not online and the monitor was even off,in the windows/prefetch it is helpsvc.exe-2878dda2.pf
      Now i have compaq presario laptop that has xpsp3 installed ,it came from southeast asia and had this compaq program installed for updates of the laptop and such.
      So the question is why does it seem that compaq's pchealth is disabling my system guard in mcafee ,collecting xml files and then being sent out by the history_db file,or so it would seem .I wasn't here to witness this.These xml files that are created seem to be operating system parameters
        • 1. other stuff
          Tried ie8 and from what location it was downloaded from it did not work and there was no uninstall in the add remove programs,IE would just open real quick and close,Seem like not all was installed ,Either mcafee blocked some modules from installing properly or the server done this maliciously.I reinstalled back to ie8rc for the last month luckily i had it stored in my documents so i could easily reinstall or this computer would not be writing right now.Ie 8 the great new virus on the block.I also believe that the servers have corrupted msmpengine in windows defender and there is also no unistall for this program which most people don't need and can't get rid of it.I believe this to be fact.
          • 2. RE: other stuff
            Peter M
            fester_1, that is too technical for this forum I'm afraid. You will have to contact Technical Support Chat linked at top left of the page or in my signature to ask about that. If it's Inbound Events then ignore it. Those are merely records of what the firewall has blocked.

            I can tell you, however, that there has been an issue lately with some updates causing systemguards to fail. If you have the latest version of Security Center clicking the fix button will correct it. It is being looked into by the developers.

            IE8 beta is out of date as IE8 final has been released. In Vista you'll find it listed under installed updates. I suggest you remove it a.s.a.p. as the beta version does not work well with McAfee. Also see the Microsoft article & removal tool for IE8: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957700
            • 3. content advisor conflict
              yes ,i found out why the newest mcafee was white when i installed ie8,the content advisor was somehow corrupted .i tried to force ie8 on top of the newest mcafee product and i got a white screen for mcafee ,so i uninstalled it and put in the disk and it was white screen also,could not figure it out.so 2 weeks later i thought what the heck and put in total protection 2007 and when it loaded it was white screen except this time it says content advisor was blocking it.I opened content advisor and everything was wide open so i disabled content advisor and well everything is fine on that computer except i have to download the latest versions on it again.
              I also suspect that the latest version are either net frameworking reliant or they have been pulled from att because i had it installed on my laptop at one time.But i have not tried to reupdate it yet.
              • 4. RE: content advisor conflict
                Peter M
                McAfee Security Center is basically an Internet Explorer page, albeit internal, so it relies on IE being set to its default settings. Content Advisor is overkill anyway.
                • 5. IE useage vs Firefox, vs Suite complexity
                  As Comcast subscriber they tout the free DL of the AV program, dont know if its the Suite or not,,,
                  Anyway I have researched some before doing so and found it quite odd that it is NECESSARY to have IE loaded even if one does NOT use it, as is my case. I find the Firefox meets my needs and their protection and that of ZoneAlarm (free version) is not the greatest.

                  However the questions asked within the McFee site and replies take me back to my days of AOL, hourly fees, Modem configuration and what was it, unique addresses of ports, said info buried somewhere within my Windows 3.0 or 3.1.

                  So I M really asking, must I become intimate with the Comcast version of McAfee protection and become more computergeeklike? Is NOT the product the LATEST and BEST and should be able to think for itself and solve its own problems due to external causes, which in itself is related to virus scanning and quack mail?

                  Somehow the computer seems to continue to eat up our time under the guise of the Greatest Show on Earth....

                  Hence Can I DL the Comcast McAfee program (ah yes I must also DL a IE also in spite of my not using or wanting it...) and have it DO THE JOB without human intervention?


                  The thread caught my interest so I posted this here....
                  • 6. RE: IE useage vs Firefox, vs Suite complexity
                    Peter M
                    What operating system are you using that doesn't already include IE? I ask because, except for some obscure parts of the world where Microsoft, by law, now has to make it optional, it is always part of Windows.

                    Whether or not it is the default browser is another matter of course. It doesn't have to be the default browser, just as long as it is installed and totally up to date*, plus set to default settings - then McAfee should behave normally.
                    Of course with Comcast anything goes as they are always up to a year behind offering the latest McAfee products. Something which is unfortunately beyond McAfee's control.

                    *That goes for Windows as a whole.
                    • 7. lime light networks
                      Yes well i have ie8rc now installed and ie7 and its updates i deleted trying to figure out what was up.The unistall spunist is corrupted and wont uninstall now, so much for forcing.But well the generic host is downloading from, and such .The way i understand this is that lime light networks is controlling the download for microsoft and that it is in washington ,dc.Could someone trace them and explain if i am understanding the views correctly.Of course this is automatic downloading somehow controlled by wuauserv program which is off.hmm
                      So i have continually reported this type a behavior to microsoft and they continually just put out patches and it is continually after years now still going on with no displine for are still at it.Gotta love microsoft .
                      The firefox is only like 2 megs so logic would have it that 2 megs is not enough to run a browser so one would seem that is just a gussied up internet explorer with firefox plugins.A big security breach is all that is,i tried it once and removed it immediately.That experience lasted about 15 minutes before automatic download started happening.Just say no to auto download is my motto all servers use it as an excuse to corrupt your settings.
                      • 8. RE: lime light networks
                        Peter M
                        By "ie8rc" I assume you mean IE8 RTM - final version.

                        Everything should work normally as long as you don't meddle with settings, don't use registry cleaners and surf safely.
                        • 9. continuing the thread
                          Ah so, I use Win XP SP2 with updates. And after IE started 'automarically' easing into my life when it recognized a certain site (or was it a file extension, no matter) I got sick of its insidious nature and relied on my Firefox. It meets my requrements for a browser. I browse I find I DL files I have bookmarke etc. What the BLEEP do I need IE for? So forgedabout IE, I am asking about YOUR program since the Great Comcast Minds have determined McAfee is the best (???).
                          Think I need more feedback from McAfee regarding I dont have to babysit the thing and slap its grubby hand when it trys to access via some other way or asks why I have not updated to Win XP SP2.238.....


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