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    Auto Renewal?

      So I never signed up for automatic renewal and received my credit card bill today to find a charge from McAfee of 74.89. (Internet Security Suite 3 user). I got them to cancel this automatic update but I'm furious that they took it upon themselves to do this. I have been reading a few threads on this forum and see that it has happened to others as well. Last year I renewed my subscriptions for 37.44. This is quite a jump in price.

      Has anyone else had experience with this? Do I have a recourse to have this price credited to my charge? First of all, it's a lot of money for a renewal especially for customers who have been loyal to McAfee.

      Any help is appreciated.


      ***So I guess I posted too soon but maybe it will help someone else with this issue. I called and requested a refund and asked if I could purchase my renewal at the lower rate on their website which is 34.99. They transferred me to someone and they were able to do this.***
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          When you purchase McAfee, you automatically agree to the automatic renewal every year - it's stated in the T&C you can view presented to you prior to making the actual purchase.

          You can always get Customer Service to disable it - contact them by e-mail, phone, chat, whatever you prefer.

          No idea about the increase in price. Difference in price between a 1 User and a 3 User subscription? I suggest contacting CS.

          //Edit: If I remember correctly, there's a 30-day no questions asked refund thingy. Which is 60 days if it concerns a renewal.
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            Thanks! I actually didn't have the auto update last year when it was time for renewal, but rather little pop ups that would "remind" me it's time to renew, so I'm not sure when or where it changed during this past year. But last year I had to manually choose to renew.

            Anyway, at least they made good on it and helped me out. It's a good company when they are willing to work with the customer.