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    Help please with updates

      Can someone please help me with update issues.I bought a new lap top which had McAfee
      free trial already installed.When this trial ended i bought on disc Internet Security 2009 and went through the install procedure,things were ok for a few weeks until i got a yellow
      circle on the McAfee icon saying my computer wasnt protected.I have uninstalled McAfee
      numerous times and reinstalled which helps for a week or so but then back to the yellow circle appearing.Please can anyone explain in easy to understand as im not to clued up on
      computers as to what i need to do to fix this.
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          when you see the yellow circle what information does mcafee show? is it signature files being out of date? or some components being disabled?

          if you encounter the same yellow exclamation point try to check what components of your security center are affected and the information provided as it will greatly help a lot in trying to troubleshoot the issue...

          better yet run the mcafee virtual technician in my signature and post the session ID here.
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            Any advice on how to remove the free trial version of McAfee that was installed on my
            laptop.I have tried numerous times now to remove everything that relates to McAfee,also
            was in contact with customer support and they gave me a removal tool.

            When i reinstall by downloading a version of McAfee Internet security 2009 which i have
            a subscription for and check my account the free trial is also still there.I tried running the virtual techniction which says eveything is ok.
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              for home products the removal tool of mcafee should be enough. the process would be:

              1. run the removal tool (linked in my signature)
              2. download and install the mcafee internet security you purcahsed from us.mcafee.com
              3. use the email address you registered with the product in loggin in
              4. look for the product you have purchased and click on the blue download button for mcafee internet security
              5. go through the download process as usual

              let us know what happens...
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                i did as you instucted bua_ako and still have the same problem.When i check my account
                page i have two versions of protection.One is Internet Security which i assume is the free
                trial version and continues to runs out of date the other the 3 user version which i bought.

                I have run virtual technician which tells me the problem is fixed but when it tries to update i recieve i message asking me to uninstall then reinstall which i have done countless times.
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                  3. get the IP address from the replies and the number of packets lost and post it here.

                  also if you run MVT please post the session ID of the MVT here.
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                    Then arises a problem.. there is a chance of server misereading the subscription when you install it from Disc... let me know whether you regitered the product after installing from the Disc... if you have was it using sam,e e-mail address that had the trial version of internet security suite.. if so uninstall the product.. register the product using a different e-mail address...

                    IF you have successfully registered it, and can see the product under your account. Uninstall the product and install it frmo your online account not the CD...
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                      IP =
                      packets lost = 0
                      session id = 17325194
                      mvt = 4.3.30

                      Hope i did this correct
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                        thanks for the post...

                        please read the post by matrixluke... might help out...

                        some questions that may help when answered..

                        1. when was the last time you did an uninstall and reinstall?
                        2. did you use the CD to install or did you install directly from your online account?
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                          Hello matrixluke and thanks for your help with this issue.Yes i do believe i did registered the version of security i bought on disc with the same email address.Will give try using a
                          different email address
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