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    McAfee Must be Disabled for magicJack to Function

      The technical service team at magicJack has stated that McAfee prevents their VOIP USB phone from functioning properly. Sure enough, the only way that I can get mine to work is by disabling every application in the Security Suite. Are there any work arounds that I can use that would still allow me to us McAfee?

      Here are my product specs:

      Security Center 9 build 90295

      VirusScan 13 build 130232

      Personal Firewall 10 build 100209

      Siteadvisor 2.9 build 29242

      Parental Controls 11 build 110378

      Thank you
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          Peter M
          First of all you should never disable your protection for anything except perhaps when installing something major such as a service pack, but to say that it should be disabled so that you can make phone calls is ridiculous and is asking for trouble.

          Well I ascertained the following from their website. But I'm sure their forums have more answers.

          Q. Does Magicjack work behind a firewall?

          A. Yes it does. In some rare cases, you might have to disable your firewall during the registration process (less than 2 minutes) and enable it as soon as the registration is complete.

          That said make sure, if Magicjack has associated software, that it is allowed in the firewall.... (I use Voipstunt but the principle is the same)
          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
          Click Advanced Settings (bottom left)
          Click Configure (left)
          Click Internet & Network (top left)
          Click Advanced (right)
          Click Program Permissions (left)
          In the right-hand area make sure it has full access.

          (See picture attached - click to enlarge).
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            Peter M
            An interesting blog about it here (from a Canadian perspective): http://www.theblog.ca/magicjack
            Stressing the importance of upgrading it to the latest version.
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              Hey Guys,

              Thanks for the quick responses. I have been a McAfee user for years and know how to provide programs with full access under the firewall settings. I can assure you that I am still unable to connect and that the only way to get magicJack to work correctly is to completely shut down all McAfee applications (including antivirus). I was really hoping that there was some other workaround.

              By the way, I did the upgrades too but to get MagicJack to work, I still have to follow the advice of the technical service people at MagicJack and disable all McAfee software.
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                Peter M
                Did you read that blog where he could only connect after upgrading MagicJack?

                Anyway, if those didn't help then I'll try to enlist some help here for you.

                Need your operating system and service pack information, your default browser and how you connect to the internet.
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                  Even with the software upgrade, the company still says that McAfee must be shut down.
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                    I'm using Vista Home with service pack 1. My default browser is set to Internet Explorer. I have a high speed cable connection with Charter. By the way, if you guys are located in Dallas then I could swing by if you want to look at it yourself. Seriously though, their tech service says to "get rid of McAfee". I've used McAfee for a decade and have always liked your product. It's not McAfee that I would part with.
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                      Peter M
                      Which is more important - protection or a phone call? They should be working on fixing their soft/hardware to work with all protection software.

                      However, I have asked for help here.

                      Have you posted on their unofficial forums?
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                        Peter M
                        Just saw your amendments. McAfee don't have public offices. Tech. Support is available through these forums, or via online Chat at top left of page or in my signature.
                        Hopefully some of the techs who post here will read my flag and have some ideas.

                        It would be helpful if someone at MagicJack itself would install a 30-day free trial of the latest McAfee Total Protection suite and figure it out themselves as there has to be a simple way around this and it is really up to them to advise their customers what to do in such cases. Just to say "get rid of McAfee" is not an acceptable answer and strikes me as a really easy cop out on their behalf.

                        Did you post on their forums?
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                          No, I have not posted on their forums but I have spent countless hours chatting with their tech service people. I have read other forums about magicJack on the Internet and have seen that others are being told the same thing. I agree with you completely though. I can't recall having a problem with any other program that would only function correctly when McAfee was disabled.
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