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    Download ISS11 - 2009 as a complete file

      I have two questions and a complaint.
      Question 1:
      I recently bought McAfee Internet Security 2009 from the internet. After the purchase, I downloaded the program file. When executing it on my harddisk, the program files where downloaded from the internet again... why can't I download the whole program once as a 'stand-alone' file that doesn't need an internet-connection to download and install the program files on my computer?
      I tried to get an answer on my question from technical support on the homepage of McAfee... but all the time I got redirected to this 'virtual technician' which of course, didn't help me at all.
      I also got a few replies from McAfee through email.. but these emails were also automatic answers which directed me once again to the same webpages of McAfee-support which I had just visited... and didn't help me. So, I'm just saying that concerning my question/problem, McAfee support is ****** and worthless.

      So, can anyone please just give me an answer to my question? Is there a possibility to download McAfee Internet Security 2009 as a complete file, including installation codes? Just like any other software program that one can buy from the internet?
      By the way, I downloaded it from the dutch McAfee site... not sure if the download-method is the same as the english McAfee site.

      Question 2:
      Before McAfee I had Norton Internet Security 2007. This program also had an 'add-on pack' which had to be downloaded separately. This add-on pack contained an utility which blocked adds on websites I visit. This was a very convenient utility.
      But of course, now I have McAfee which doesn't seem to have a similar utility. Or am I wrong?
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          Peter M
          I think "SiteAdvisor Plus" does exactly that if set to do that. Parental Controls also has restricted settings.
          Without a name for the utility I'm sorry I can't really say.
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            It may seem like it is repeating iteself but it isn't. First DMSETUP downloads and then the applications. The second "apparent" download is the files unzipping themselves prior to installation.

            I downloaded DMSETUP, then I executed it. When the installation begins, it asks for my emailaddress and my McAfee password. After that, it starts to download the program files from the McAfee-site. I checked it out by first disabling my internet-connection. I then got a message saying something like 'Not able to download the program files... check your internet connection'.
            So DMSETUP does need the internet everytime that I want to install McAfee Internet Security 2009. This is not what I want, cos in case of internet problems I wouldn't be able to install MIS 2009 at all. This should not be.
            Whenever you buy software in a local computershop, you get a cdrom to install the program on your computer, without being dependent on an internet connection.
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              Peter M
              McAfee like many protection software suites requires coinstant internet access not only to install, but to function, as it checks frequently with its database in order to verify that everything is up to date etc.

              I think that you will find that most programmes that install from a CD-ROM also require an internet connection at some stage of the process.