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    Autodomain - not creating user and machines in OU

      Please advise, look at my autodomain ini file and suggest if I am doing anything wrong here. Its flakey when it comes to adding user and machines to their respective OU, and now it not doing at all,

      TemplateMachineGroup=Endpoint Encryption Machines

      ;SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|,|nCircle adm|
      TemplateUserGroup=User Template Group

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          define "flaky" ? What exactly is going wrong?

          what version of the script are you using?

          the log for autodomain will tell you the exact logic it's following.

          you didn't set anything for "defaultgooddomains" and "defaultdomain" - you should add at least one good domain to both to cover the case that the script is running under a non-domain account (assuming you're using a fairly current version of the script anyway).
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            What I mean from flaky is that, it did add a couple of other machines in their OU as well as couple of other user to their respective OU, it is not doing now for the newly built machine, with encryption installed on it and the the drive fully encrypted. I am using the version 5.20, I assume is the latest version of the script.

            When you say a non domain account what do you mean by that, the ScriptingUser account is a non domain account , and when I log into the machine I am using a domain user account as well as a domain admin account.

            I cannot add the whole log file here, is there a way to send you the log file for your review.

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              sure, send it to my email - you'll find it in this forum. Don't forget to include a description of the specific problem you have (including the machine name etc) - those logs can be long indeed.

              Are you sure it's not something simple - like you ran out of licenses?
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                Just send you an email with the log file .

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                  looks like the AD lookup failed - it did not respond with a group for the machine.

                  8/5/2009 17:16:48.91 PM: 0x00000000 | The operation completed successfully.
                  8/5/2009 17:16:49.90 PM: Running sbadmclMoveMachine (IIAVIRMEEXP2/Endpoint Encryption Machines)...
                  8/5/2009 17:16:49.90 PM: Existing Connection
                  8/5/2009 17:16:50.05 PM: Moved machine "IIAVIRMEEXP2" to the group .

                  I'll add a little more debug into it for you so you can see more whats happening. Check my site for updates later today.