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    Hangs On Scan Results Details Screen


      I just installed IS2009 Friday and I did a Custom Scan earlier today, suspicious that I had a worm or virus. The results indicated I had three detections--three files with the W32/Ghelatin.gen!eml virus. The files were in Quarantined status. My system hung whenever I clicked "View Log" or "Restore" and the screen greyed-out. I couldn't do anything further but exit the program. I did this a few more more times and, of course, yielded the same result.

      After my initial panic at not being able to get to the files to remove them, I decided to restart Windows. When I went back in, I could select the file check boxes and was able to remove the files. Whew! That was a relief.

      Just for future reference, Is a "restart" necessary after any scan? Is the hanging thing typical of this virus's behavior? I was afraid that restarting Windows would only populate it more but felt desperate and didn't know what else to do. Thanks for any advice.

      Jeff Evans
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          What is the version of OS (Operating system) you use?
          How old is the computer? Did you have any issue with pop-ups or alert in the computer?
          please let us know if you tried scaning the computer in the safe mode

          In addition to that you can also try the following:
          • Run a check disk
          • Run Disk Defragmentation

          You don’t have to restart the computer after performing the scan but if you have any issue with screen freezing up while checking the Logs you can try to ending the Task under the Application tab in the Task manager (to open the Task manager Ctrl+alt+Delete keys together or right click on task bar and then click on Task manager)
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            Hello and thanks for replying.

            I'm running Windows Vista 32 Home Premium With SP1 on a 15 month old Dell XPS Studio 420.
            No pop-up or alert issues. I did not use Safe Mode. I did not use check disk or disk defrag but thanks for these suggestions..

            During the freezing-up, I did get prompts asking if I wanted to wait or close the program. I always opted each time to close the program, which would then un-freeze the machine. (Not sure if this is considered an alert.) I also used Task Manager which I believed often resulted in that same prompt.

            Then, each time I'd get to either "View Log" or "Restore", it would freeze-up again and I'd close the program and the system would un-freeze. I repeated this scenario a few times until finally deciding to restart Windows when it became clear that I was getting nowhere.

            Thanks for letting me know that a restart is not normally required after a scan. I'll keep your other suggestions in mind if I ever have another infection. Thanks for your help.

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              You’re Welcome,

              Small suggestion if you have any issue with the performance of the system getting slowing down (Sluggish) then please use the McAfee Quick Clean which will help you in removing the temp files and junk files from to improve the system performance.(Open McAfee Security center click on --> maintain computer on the Left hand panel--> Click on start button in the McAfee Quick clean )
              Use the Default Quick clean option to delete files. Feel free to contact us again at anytime regarding your McAfee program happy