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    SBADMCL Password Issue


      I am running on Safeboot infrastructure. Whenever i try to make a change through sbadmcl command, it tells me invalid password. Funny part is that i am using exactly the same credentials to login to the administration console.. its just on the sbadmcl that its not working. i have checked the database name. its the same.

      thanks to please help.
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          i figured it out...

          i was doing -adminauth instead of -adminpwd .. well, now i need to find out the difference between the two..
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            Is it possible that you're using the -adminauth flag rather than -adminpwd? If you want to manually specify the password, you need to use -adminpwd.

            EDIT: Oops, I was too late. :)

            "adminauth" is what you would use if you ran SBADMCL -command:generateadminauth -password:<whatever> in order to get an abstracted version of the password you enter. It is helpful to use adminauth in scripts where you don't necessarily want to save the password along with the script. However, it should be noted that savvy users will be able to use the adminauth string to execute SBADMCL commands just like you if you save it in a script file and make it public.

            "adminpwd" is what you would use to execute SBADMCL commands with the plain-text version of the password, which is "most cases" when you're running a one-off SBADMCL command.
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              Thanks a lot!!! happy